Chick Pick #1

The featured chick of the week is Lucy Lou. She is our dominate hen and queen of the coop. She is a Plymouth Barred Rock, 17 weeks old, and quite the talker. She enjoys greens of all kinds and expects these "treats" to be handed out on a regular basis. Our relationship, I must admit, started off a little rocky, but we are now the best of friends.

As the pecking order was being established, Lucy rose right to the top. She told the others exactly how it was going to be. One of the rules that she seemed to quickly establish was that the Barred Rocks are superior to the Araucanas, and, in an effort to ensure their superiority, the Araucanas were not allowed any food or water. Needless to say, this didn't fly (no pun intended) with me.

Once I saw this happening, I took it upon myself to enter the coop and become the "protector" of the Araucanas. After my second time of doing this, the Araucanas caught on and would practically jump for joy at the sight of me because they knew they could move around and even eat. Lucy, on the other hand, decided that I wasn't following her rules and, therefore, I needed to go. She would come storming over to me, yelling the entire time, peck at my shoes and throw quite the fit. My response? "Listen here sister, you are NOT the top of the pecking order - I am." It didn't sit well.

Then came the day that Claire, one of the Araucanas, was sick. She was coughing, wouldn't eat, and just didn't look well. I called my vet and unfortunately was told that she didn't work with poultry. I was referred to another vet in the area, who shall remain nameless (that's an entirely different story!) and made an appointment for later in the afternoon. By the time that I got home to pick up Claire, Lucy was coughing as well. I couldn't catch Claire to bring her, but I was able to catch Lucy. I put her in the cat carrier and away we went.

The entire ride Lucy didn't make a peep. It was a very hot and humid day and I had the air conditioning on in the car, which I think she fell in love with. We spent a total of 2 hours together - between the car rides and the vet, and the entire time was in air conditioning. She was VERY good and only got upset once. By the time that we returned to the coop she and I were friends. I'm sure it was the air conditioning that won her over and not my charming personality, but, nonetheless, we now have a very good relationship.

She is now typically the first to greet me in the morning, and is excited to tell me all about the evenings events. Her chatter doesn't stop the entire time that I'm cleaning out the coop. When I get home from work, she is the first to greet me at the coop door, again, chattering away. In the evening, when we're tucking them all in for the night, she enjoys chatting while we're petting each of them.

She is quite the character and a good girl. Now, if I could just get her to lay some eggs....

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