Chick Pick #2

Chick pick of this week is the smallest little girl in the group - "Little Lizzie". She weighs in at under 1 pound, but uses her size to her advantage. She is our bug catcher extraordinare! She spots the bugs, snatches them right out of the air, and then runs as fast as she can so she can get to a corner and gobble it up.

If you want to have a friend for life just bring her a slug and some spiders. Moths are a big hit too. She is not fond of pills though - specifically, she's not fond of the process of giving her a pill. When you open her beak she puts her tongue up to the top, attempting to prevent you from putting the pill in. Lizzie just completed her dose of antibiotics - I think the coop is finally healthy again.

Lizzie is a busy girl. She doesn't nap as often as the bigger girls and spends her days roaming the outdoor coop in search of those little bugs. She loves greens of all types as well, but often gets trampled on and pushed aside when these treats are brought in. She's waiting in extreme anticipation for her new coop.

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