Chick Pick #3

Well, our "chick pick of the week" is our superstar layer - Trudy. She was the only chicken not yet named. We went on vacation last week and I told Jay that he could choose her name and I wouldn't have any say in it. Let me tell you - that's a BIG deal in this household! As many of you know, we both have strong opinions about things and the names of our animals are no different. You should have seen each time we adopted a cat! At one point with Caitlin, we just couldn't come to an agreement, so I finally said "her name is going to be Caitlin or I'm just going to call her Cat. I'm not going back and forth anymore". Jay said "could we nickname her Cait?" I responded, "absolutely - whatever!" And there she was, finally named.
So, when we "adopted" the chickens it was a bit of a fiasco. Jay requires time to think about names for a while and I required something to call them, therefore I just started picking names as I needed them. He seemed fine with it, so I continued. A couple of staff and a co-worker wanted chickens named after them, so there were a few of the names. Then Kessa is named after Cody (our beloved cat that we lost last year - that story to be explained in her featured story) and there we were, short one name.

Vacation started. Still no name. Vacation continued. Still no name. Come to find out Jay was looking at the fishing boats in Galilee (R.I.), hoping to see something that "struck his fancy". My suggestions of Sophie, Victoria and Graycie just didn't "cut the mustard". Nope...not good enough for his girl! Then, it finally came to him. I think it was our last day in Rhode Island and she finally had a name...... Trudy.

Trudy had begun laying eggs right before we left for vacation. She's been laying one egg a day, almost every day, since. She is a nice, polite, chicken. Here's a story to prove that fact: Trudy was in the nesting box last Wednesday (in her new Palace), getting ready to lay an egg when Lucy Lou bursts thru the door, squawking up a storm. Jay was working inside the coop and had come to tell me that Trudy (she was at the time called "the un-named chicken") laid an egg. I followed him back to the coop to tell her what a good girl she was and found her still in her box, resting. Well, as you can imagine, Lucy Lou doesn't like anyone else being in the spotlight. As soon as she realized Trudy was getting attention, Lucy Lou hopped up onto the perch in front of the nesting box and began squawking away. She then proceeded to put her fat head (and most of the rest of her body) into the box that Trudy was resting in. Lucy Lou shoved her face into Trudy's and started yelling. Trudy sat there like a true lady and ignored the entire show. Lucy Lou went on for about 3 or 4 minutes before backing off a little, which gave Trudy the ability to leave. Trudy, still acting pleasant, squeezed her way past Lucy Lou and went outside.

Well, Lucy Lou just couldn't let it rest. Nope - someone had stolen her glory. So in the box she went again and this time started pecking at the egg. I grabbed it away from her and she gave me a piece of her mind. Trudy came back in the coop and started pacing around. We pushed Lucy Lou outside and calmed down poor Trudy. Trudy learned a lesson that day though. She now covers up her freshly laid egg with the hay in the nesting box. What a smart girl!!

Trudy is quiet, most of the time, but enjoys seeing what's going on. She doesn't want to be left out of anything (this seems to be a pattern with ALL chickens). She enjoys corn-on-the-cob, watermelon, worms and slugs. As you can see from the photo above, her eggs are progressively (albeit slowly) getting bigger. She has definitely earned her place as "chick pick of the week".

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