Photos of our Rhode Island Vacation

Well, the short vacation is over. Time to get back to the "real world". Bummer it is! We had a wonderful time, despite the rain, and took a few photos while we were there. Somehow, we always end up at a farm! We went to the South County Museum in Narragansett. It was a cute little historic place which also had turkeys, a donkey (LOVED her!), some sheep (LOVED them), Goats (well, LOVED them too) and Rhode Island Red chickens (super cute!!). We went to the beach pretty much every morning and evening and stayed at our favorite B & B - Sugarloaf. Wonderful food, great rooms and really nice and funny hosts. What a combination!

The 14 "kids" were thrilled to see us when we got home. We couldn't spend enough time with any one of them. Lucy Lou spent about 20 minutes telling me EVERYTHING that happened in the coop, and making sure that I realized that they didn't get any greens while we were gone. So, I cleaned the coop, got the greens, played with Cait and pet Zach. All is well in the Ducharme household. Cait can't stop running around - she is just so excited. Of course, she decided she'd "go to the beach" as well and dug about half of her litter out onto the floor.

Welcome home to us!

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