Fall is here

Fall has arrived. So have the falling leaves. Jay spent his morning yesterday raking the driveway and by this morning it looked like he'd never raked it. He even bought a new "no clog" rake! Oh well, it's still very pretty to see.

In this house Fall means homemade soups on the weekends (favorites are chicken noodle and sausage), homemade pies, firing up the pellet stove, burning scented candles, sweaters and jeans, Nascar and Football on tv, hot cocoa and latte's to drink, and dinners of chili and cornbread, shepherds pie, and stuffed cabbage.

I've been cleaning up the garden this weekend. The only veggies left are lettuce, beets, carrots, potatoes, radishes, 3 butternut squash, and 2 cantaloupe. The chickens are getting nervous that their endless supply of leaves is coming to an end. Jay still has to run electricity to the coop for a space heater when the temp's drop too low.

Today he's building a "lean-to" off the back of the shop for the garbage can/recycling center. They are currently sitting in the elements and when the snow piles up it's difficult, so my "handyman" added that to his list. We hired a guy that works with him to paint the barn because Jay's fall "to do" list is a bit overwhelming. The poor barn needs it.

My "to do" list for the day includes laundry (lots of it), cleaning the house (it's been neglected all week), baking peach cobbler for dessert (new recipe, I'll post it if it's good), and making homemade chicken noodle soup which is on the stovetop now and smelling wonderful. I will probably make some brownies for lunches this week as well - that's always a hit!

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