Fall Photos

Yes, Fall is finally here. The temperature, however, has felt like winter. We've had a few frosts and our "highs" are in the upper 40's - can you consider that a high?? Things are looking up for next week though.
The chickens, for the most part, seem to be ok with the falling temps. Renee, however, holds her foot up and shakes like crazy. She seems to be a Florida chicken. Hopefully she'll adjust because I have no desire to move to Florida. We're still getting 2 - 4 eggs a day. The others didn't start laying so I guess we won't get eggs from them until 2010.

They said the "S" word on the news tonight. Sadly, though, the snow is limited to our south. No snow blower tryout this week. I know it's just killing Jay to start that beauty up, but thankfully it's been held off for now.

We finally started up the pellet stove last night. Yep, the old boy didn't even make fun of me when I stated "it sure would be nice to break into those 4 pallets of pellets......tonight!" Cait sits directly in front of the fire when it's going. I'm not sure how she can stand the heat, but she loves it. She loves it so much that we put a little fleece bed near the stove for her. Her favorite evening activity is to lay in her bed and watch the flames. It's very cute. When we got home tonight she was limping. I'm not sure what she did, but I've threatened taking her to Dr. Lori if she doesn't stop limping. So far the threat's not working.

I went to our local nursery, Sunnyside, and took a few Fall photos - pictured above. There are so many types of gourds and pumpkins now that it's overwhelming! My favorite is the "Swan Gourd". Maybe they could come up with a Rooster gourd next!

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