Chick Pick #4

Clyde is the "chick pick" of the week, and was chosen for a few reasons......

1. He tries to remember to be a gentleman

2. He's handsome 3. Despite his adorable mating dance, he gets shot down so many times in a day it's impossible to keep count 4. He gets VERY excited to see us 5. He tries to protect his "girls" 6. He has a wonderful "cock-a-doodle-doo" 7. His noises that he makes when he sees "treats" are so cute.

Clyde is still under a year old, so I am aware that his temperament may change with age, but currently he is a wonderful boy. He is handsome, melodious, and his dance is a sight to see. We believe that he may have vision problems since it takes him quite some time to focus on bugs and such and because of this he usually misses out on fast-moving creatures - Lucy Lou is too quick! He is patient with us and the "girls" and he makes sure he knows where all of us are at all times. We give him a lot of positive reinforcement, hoping this keeps him friendly.

Clyde has this cross between a whistle and a "whoo" when he sees green "treats", particularly sprouts. His little legs dance in place and he just can't control his excitement. It's really cute. In the evenings, when we pet him while he's roosting he purrs. He particularly likes his back to be rubbed.

He is extremely patient with the girls, and boy do they test him! Lucy Lou, Kessa and Allie are very aggressive at times, and he just backs off and lets them have their way. He finally grew into his big legs and feet so he doesn't look awkward - he now looks handsome.

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