Chick Pick #5

Our "chick pick" of the week is the sweetest chicken you could ever's "Little Renee". She's one of the Araucana's and she LOVES being held and pampered. She is named after a friend who I've agreed to call "Renee the first" as opposed to "Big Renee" or "Renee Senior".

Little Renee is a good friend of Little Lizzie - they like catching bugs together and are both aggressive with the big girls when food is being handed out. Little Renee is easy to spot with her feathers that stick out of both sides of her head. They droop when she's not feeling well, and she's not feeling very good this week.

She falls asleep immediately once she's in your hands and doesn't want to be put down. She hates the cold - she puffs up like a big snowball. I call her our Florida Chicken. Sad to say, though, Winter hasn't even begun and she's already upset with the temp's. A chicken heater is on order to keep her little toes warm. "Renee the first" suggested that perhaps Little Renee could have a nice spot next to the pellet stove for the Winter. Let's think about that for a, no.

Renee loves all bugs, oatmeal, scrambled eggs and greens. She is also a very good "pooper scooper" supervisor. She enjoys overseeing my work and pecking at the poop bucket. I always thank her for a job well done.

She is calm when the others are hyper and she is a quiet, sweet girl. She definitely deserves the title of Chick Pick of the week.

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