Loss of Vision But Still Has Sight Of What's Important

Poor Zach. In January of this year we noticed that he started running into walls from time to time and his eyes became dilated. To the Vet we went! Come to find out his blood pressure was extremely high and this caused retinal detachment in both eyes. After lots of testing (and assurance that it was not Cait, the devil-child, that caused his high blood pressure), Dr. Lori was unable to determine the root cause for it. The poor guy is on high blood pressure med's now. He enjoys it though - it's liquid and flavored with tuna!

He gets along pretty well - as long as he's not scared or in a hurry. Thankfully, we had lived in the house for about 6 months prior to this so he had learned the layout. We haven't moved ANYTHING. Think you'd like to change some furniture around? Absolutely not! The poor guy wouldn't have any idea what to do. He's got a routine and he sticks to it. I keep telling Jay that he can't pick Zach up and then drop him off in another room. He doesn't have any idea where he is. Jay disagrees and thinks that because Zach can see shadows he knows where he's at. Call me overprotective, but I don't think so.
He's very good about going against the wall up and down the stairs, and he seems to know the layout based on what type of flooring is underfoot. It truly is amazing. Oh, and his sense of smell and hearing has DEFINITELY improved. He can hear and/or smell his med's, his food or cooked chicken (his favorite) from anywhere in the house. It doesn't matter how quiet you think you might be - he hears it.
I still feel guilty about bringing the cute little bundle of energy (Cait) into the house though. I know that she isn't the cause, but she really has brought him a lot of stress. We lost Cody (shown with Zach in the photo below) last year in July to his battle with lung cancer. Zach kept grooming me and I just couldn't take it anymore. I thought it would be a good thing - bringing a cute little kitten into his life. He's always been the mothering type, so I thought it would work perfectly! Plans always seem good in my head, however, they rarely work out as well.

A long story short, Cait was an absolute ball of energy with quite a mean streak when we got her. Thanks to a little trip to Dr. Lori's office for spaying, she has calmed down quite a bit. Poor Zach is able to tolerate her now, and that's pretty much their relationship in a nutshell: She's the Queen (according to her) and he tolerates her 'tude.
Zach knows exactly what's important in his life though.....Med's and Food. They are the highlights of his day! He has recently added to his medicine routine. The poor guy was just diagnosed with Kidney disease which added 2 more med's. Despite his medical issues he's doing well at the ripe old age of 13!

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Flat Creek Farm said...

I don't know how I missed this one! Zach is a handsome doll. I just love him! He really does look like a younger kitty too. I hope the best for him! Sorry about Cody - he and Zach made such a good pair. -Tammy