Yes, It's My Fault

Yes, it's's all my fault. The chickens have informed me of this.

Although they enjoy the snow on the edges of the outdoor coop, where they can snack on it, they get VERY upset when the snow intrudes on their walking space.

We got 9 1/2 inches of snow last week....this was my fault.

The next day the snow drifted into the outdoor coop fault again.
Now, the temperatures have dropped too low for them to play guessed it, it is definitely my fault. I've heard all about it - Lucy Lou is probably the most upset about the whole thing.

What do I have to say about it? Welcome to winters in the great Northeast!

On the plus side, I have one very happy husband! He got to use his NEW snowblower and I am told that it was great! Unfortunately I worked late that night and was unable to snap a photo of the proud man, but I've promised to be there for the next event.

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