Chick Pick #7

"Chick pick" of the week is Sarah.

Sarah likes to eat, as evident from the photos above. And, she's not picky about her food either. She has a great personality - inquisitive but not nosey, in charge but not bold, and she knows how to get rid of the other girls so she can have her very own bowl of Amish Oatmeal with blueberries.

Sarah is extremely pleasant when she's nesting. She sings the "bubble song". I'm not sure how else to describe it, but it's a soft bubbly-type noise. She doesn't care if there are humans or chickens inside with her - we're all welcome when she's nesting.

She isn't bold like Lucy Lou and Kessa, but the girl knows how to hold her own. She isn't mean - doesn't pick at the others, however, has that "take charge" type of way about her.

If she's nesting and she hears treats have been brought to the outside coop, well, the egg laying can just wait. She comes flying out of the indoor coop at breakneck speed to gorge herself with all the food she can manage. She's even been known to drop an egg while waiting in the line to go outside in the mornings.

She's a character!

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