A Job Well Done

Honestly, I just can't understand how Zach made it thru 12 years of life without Caitlin here supervising him. In the year and a half that she's been with us, she has taken this self-appointed job quite seriously. She feels that it is her duty and obligation to supervise every move the poor boy makes.

Here's some of the areas of supervision needed:
  1. The litter box. The poor guy is apparently not capable of using the litter box without being constantly tapped in the head by her front paw. Remember, Zach is blind, so he can't see the paw coming. He squats and takes the tapping of her paw until he can finally hop out. Cait's right behind him moving the litter around and cleaning up after him.
  2. His med's. Zach has high blood pressure and kidney disease so he's got a few different med's. It doesn't matter where in the house she is, she knows it's med time and comes racing into action. She insists on shoving her face into his mouth to ensure the meds go down properly. Usually afterward she goes into her "bear" move. She stands up on her hind legs and comes at him to bear hug him. He is not appreciative.
  3. Eating. Surprisingly, if she's sleeping Zach is allowed to eat on his own. Not sure how he convinced her that he could manage, but it's allowed. If she's up, however, she needs to monitor his progress. Zach has always had a strange obsession with food. Not eating it necessarily, but pacing around it. You'd never guess based on his 6 pound frame, but he has to know what food is around and he feels the need to check on it. Constantly. Well, Cait needs to monitor how much he eats and the length of time that the eating takes. She gives him a nudge when she feels it's time for him to move on. The poor guy takes the nudge and moves along.
  4. Sleeping. Oh boy. Zach is usually not allowed to sleep alone. There is some unwritten rule that Cait must either, from time-to-time, go up to him and sniff him or "plop" right next to him, shoving her body against his. He doesn't appreciate either technique.
  5. Walking. No, he can't even walk from room to room on his own. He knows the layout of the house based on steps, so you can tell he's concentrating as he walks. Doesn't matter to Cait! While he's walking he needs a few smacks in the head by her. Again, he can't see them coming so they're completely unexpected.
He's a very patient boy.

Cait also loves to keep tabs on Jay and I when we're out with the chickens. I swear she's timing us, then demanding that we spend more time with her.
Ahhhh....sibling rivalry at it's finest! We've given up on trying to change her, so now we just congratulate her on a job well done.

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GardenofDaisies said...

OH, I love your sweet kitty cats! That is so funny how she has "taken charge".