What a Week!

As you are aware, Baby Renee was hatched on Monday. It was quite the excitement at Cobble Hill Farm!!
Tuesday, we had a very heavy snow and lost power. Unfortunately, currently everything in our home relies on power - well pump for water, pellet stove, boiler, etc. We woke up just after Midnight to our smoke alarms. We had lost power so the pellet stove went down and the house was filled with smoke. Jay and I spent the next hour and a half airing out the house.

We were told by the previous owner of the house that we'd probably want to invest in a generator. We've thought about it...a lot. However, we hadn't yet purchased it. Well, we've got one now. We're ready for the next storm!!

Thursday we came home to another little surprise....Baby Sam was hatched! Mama Claire now has two beautiful babies!!
Mama Claire and Baby Sam (left) and Big Sister Baby Renee (right).

Baby Sam.

Big Sister Baby Renee - our jumper!

Mama Claire and Baby Renee.

Mama Claire and Baby Sam in her favorite spot (look by the pink feeder).

Mama and babies are doing very well. Thank you to all who have offered advice. Jay is working on a make-shift home for inside the coop to house Mama and babies. I'm sure Lucy Lou will get herself into some trouble with the new Mama. She's just so nosey!!
It snowed again all day yesterday, and I woke up to the snow falling again today. The power has not went down again yet (thankfully), but we're prepared in the event that it does! The chicken coop is in an uproar because the snow is drifting into the outdoor coop and, as usual, this is my fault. I'm on my way out to visit with a peace offering of freeze-dried meal worms!


Flat Creek Farm said...

Awwww, how sweet! Congratulations on your new additions. They are adorable. -Tammy

Lilla said...

Congratulations on the arrival of Sam and Renee! They are just adorable. You are going to have so much fun with them. Glad to see Penny made it to your blog and left some advice. If anyone knows the proper way to take care of chickens, that would be Penny. She loves her chickens!