Baby Pictures!

Baby Renee and Baby Sam are getting so big! With their continued growth, they are looking more and more like "dad". Look at those Barred Rock spots!

Here's Mama Claire with the babies on the outdoor roost. Look how much they've grown. Believe it or not, they still sleep under her wings at night. Not sure how much longer they'll fit!

They are enjoying the "big kid" coop with the others although they do get put in their place. Mama Claire is usually right beside them though, taking the peck from the others for the babies.

The babies didn't enjoy going outside in the mornings until this past weekend. They now race out, right behind the big girls, to see what the morning "treat" is. Unfortunately, because they're still so small, they don't get much of a treat. However, Mama Claire has learned that I'll meet them in the inside coop with a bowl just for the 3 of them. The babies wait for Mama to try the treat, then when she says it's ok they dig right in.

You can tell that Baby Renee is Claire's baby (Baby Sam hatched from Kathy's egg) because she's just as bossy as Mama. She helps Mama take good care of Sam though, and makes sure she knows what she should be doing at all times.

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