Chick Pick #8

Chick Pick #8 is an obvious choice - our little "Mama" Claire. She has really taken to Motherhood. She is such fun to watch as she teaches Sam and Renee eating and drinking. Jay said tonight that she's like a garage. It's true. When she knows the babies need to get warmed up she fluffs up her body, lowers herself to the ground, and the two babies drive themselves into her feathers. It's really precious.

Claire has always been a very nice girl. She was best buddies with Little Renee, so it's only appropriate that her first chick is named after her. She was always protecting Renee. She had the Mama instinct it seems from the beginning!

While Claire was broody it was a sight to see when she would leave the nest for her quick bite to eat and drink. It was like a whirlwind! She would race out of the box, feathers all puffed out, growling at everyone, and race around eating like a madwoman. Once she was done with the food she would take a few quick drinks then up to the roost she would go to clean her beak and make a clicking noise. One day during all the commotion, poor Mr. Clyde thought he'd help her out a little and got into the nesting box himself. I thought for sure he'd break the eggs! There was no talking him out of being in there though. He paced around and finally got himself settled. About a minute later Claire decided she was ready to go back to her eggs and booted the poor guy right out. He walked dejectedly down to the end box and went inside and sat for a while. He's quite the pouter.

Claire's got patience. She's got 10 little faces staring in at her and the babies all day, squawking and carrying on, and although she raises the feathers on the back of her neck from time to time, she tries to not let it bother her.

She's a good girl and has definitely earned her place as the Chick Pick.

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