Favorite Books

These are a few of my favorite books written about animals and/or self-reliant living. I think just about everyone has read "The Good Life" by the Nearings. What a remarkable couple and such an interesting read.

There's another book titled "Living The Good Life", written by Linda Cockburn, which focuses on 6 months of her family's life in Australia. During those months they went to the extreme of not spending any money - none! In addition to being inspiring it was very interesting to read their solutions to consumerism.

"Enslaved By Ducks", by Bob Tarte, was absolutely touching as well as down right, laugh -out-loud funny. He has a great writing style and I loved his emotional connection with his animals.

Last, but definitely not least, is "Sylvia's Farm", by Sylvia Jorrin. I loved her writing style as well and couldn't put the book down until I had completed it. There were parts that were absolutely heart-breaking and those that made you smile or laugh. A wonderful read - I wish she'd write another.

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