New Photos - Baby Sam and Baby Renee

(Friend) Renee came over on Sunday to visit Baby Renee and Baby Sam. These are a few updated photos. Mama Claire was not thrilled with our attempts at being "mama's helpers" so we held them for a VERY short period of time. Based on personalities, it would not surprise me one bit if Renee is a girl and Sam a boy. Still hoping for 2 girls,'s not probable.
They've been enjoying trying out their new wings. They can both get quite a bit of height! Their just shy of reaching the first roost. Clyde isn't thrilled when they fly and announces his dislike to everyone around.

Mama Claire does a good job with protecting the babies from the "big girls", but she tends to forget that she's a Mama first and foremost, and wants to hang out with the others. I'm giving her short periods of time each day with everyone being together. It seems to help her attitude a little.

Although we have no desire to allow hatching again for quite some time, they are just so darn cute!

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