Chicken Doors and Duos

Our Chickens definitely love 2 things (well, in addition to attention and food). Sitting in the doorway to the outdoor coop and hanging out with a "buddy".
Above, Meg blocks the doorway so the others can't see what I'm doing. I think the idea behind this is two-fold. 1. to keep tabs on me, 2. in the event that I magically pull out some treats, the chicken in the doorway would be able to run quickest to my hands.
Trust me, they're always thinking about food. It's like having 13 dogs.
The handsome Mr. Clyde checks out what I'm doing.

Claire, Kathy and Emma wait to see what my next move is.

The chickens typically don't hang out alone. The only ones who do are Emma, Kathy and Lizzie.
Above, Lucy Lou and Allie have a "what are you doing?" stare down.

Kessa and Allie think about the garden and what bounty might come their way this year.

Of course, Mama Claire has the little ones. Here, she and Baby Renee enjoy the roost while watching over Baby Sam who's checking for food on the ground.

And the babies always hang out together. They sure are disappointed when there's no greens in the suet feeders!

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GardenofDaisies said...

The babies are getting so big!!! :-)