Happy Monday

Happy Monday! The Estate sale is complete and boy was it an exhausting weekend! Jay and I set it up Thursday night until about midnight. We were about half-way thru when I suggested we finish it up Friday since the sale wasn't supposed to start until 1p.m. Wrong! We had a guy parked in the driveway at 8a.m. and they just kept coming after that.
I can highly recommend 2 things that we did should you ever have a garage/tag/estate sale (I'm not planning anymore any time soon!) 1. Have a sign at the end of your driveway or road or at the entrance of your development advertising the upcoming sale. We seemed to get quite a few people at the sale because of the sign. 2. Price using the color-coded dot method. I made signs for the walls (Blue = .50 cents, Red = $1.00, Green = $2.00, Yellow = $5.00, Pink = Price As Marked) to let shoppers know the pricing system and we put coordinating dot stickers on the items for sale. Quite a few people commented on the fact that they liked it.The basement was FULL! You can only see one small porition here, but we started on Friday with items in the kitchen/dining room, living room and 1 bedroom in addition to the basement. Friday night we were able to move the upstairs leftovers into the basement. It rained on and off all weekend, but the walk-out basement was a life saver!
The sale, overall, went very well. Of course, you have all the different personalities show up. We had the woman who has to look at EVERYTHING anyone else is looking at and was taking items out of their hands. We had the "merchandiser". You know, the one who insists on lecturing you about how your sale should be set up. We had the busy bodies - the ones who only wanted the "scoop" as to why there was a sale in the neighborhood. We had the dealers who quickly raced through picking items quickly before anyone else could. We had the grouchies - 2 men were close to getting into a fight over license plates (seriously - nothing better to worry about??). The kicker was we had enough license plates for both. We had the "pricers" - the ones who think you need their advice as to what prices should be on things. And then we had many genuinely nice people.
All-in-all, I missed my 14 "kids" and they missed me. The chickens were so happy to see me pull up. "Grandma" had been caring for them, and we were all grateful, but their routine was upset and so were they.

Cait did victory laps around the dining room table. The poor thing is so lonely since the passing of Zach. Grandma spent lots of quality time with her while we were gone, but the nights were lonely for the poor girl. She hasn't left my side since I walked thru the door.

Back to the chores!

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Flat Creek Farm said...

Awwww, sweet Cait ♥ Glad the sale is behind you now. It actually sounds like it would have been FUN (but a whole lotta work too of course). Rest up! -Tammy