Searching for Oliver

It's been a crazy few months. Jay lost yet another family member, so now we're at 3 and hopefully we won't lose anymore for a VERY long time. Three family members gone, 2 family members hospitalized and 2 animals gone. We're ready for happiness and health. Well, right after I get over yet another sinus infection. Yes, I've been out of commission for a few days.

Poor Caity bug has been a sad girl with her brother gone. We've told her we're looking for a new puppy "brother" for her. She has no idea how her world will turn upside down! I'm sure Zach is watching and smiling from above, waiting for the day.

We may have finally found little Oliver. We'll know by the end of the weekend. Jay and I have come to an agreement on a boys name (you know how hard it is for us to agree on names) so we've been searching for a little French Bulldog to name Oliver. Actually, we may have found two. Yes, I may have lost my mind... two puppies at once, but we are excited at the prospect.

With all the commotion I forgot to put up my Wall-o-waters this past weekend so I can get the tomato plants in the ground that my mom started for me. I've never used them before but have high hopes. Fingers crossed we'll have tomatoes in June!

The potting shed plan has changed (again). Now poor Jay has to build a new one. I realized one day that we needed more parking space because we both park under trees. The problem with trees is that's where the birds sit and of course the problem with that is the enormous amount of bird poop that collects on the car. The only logical place for parking is next to the barn. That's where the old coop is that was to become my potting shed. Unfortunately it's just too rickety to move, so Jay will build a new shed next to the garden for me. What a guy! I'll tell you that it's wonderful to have a "handyman"! Too bad everything I ask for is so time consuming.

Hope to have a good update this weekend on our puppy search!

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Flat Creek Farm said...

First, so sorry to hear about the loss of yet another family member. When it rains, it pours, or so it seems. Thoughts are with you two.

Oh how I love Frenchies! :) I've never actually even met one, but I think someday.. somewhere along the line I might want to be owned by one.

Your plans sound much like mine - always a-changin'! :) It will all work out in the end though, for that I am sure.

Can't wait for puppy search updates! -Tammy