You Have What????

This is usually the response when someone finds out I raise chickens. It's usually followed with "you don't look like you'd have chickens". I'm not sure what one looks like that raises chickens but apparently, not like me.
Understandably, this reaction usually comes from people who see me during the week in my "dress up" clothes and only know the "business" me not who I really am. But I still find it amusing.

If only they could see me every morning!

This is what I look like around 7:30a.m. Business attire minus the business shoes. The chickens aren't typically impressed.
Then, I come in and change the shoes and head off for the day.
At the end of the day the shoes change back to the crocs or muck boots and I'm back in the chicken coop playing with them.
By the way, the top photo is of one of the babies with Mama. They're 8 weeks old already! You should see them when Mama Claire goes in the nesting box to lay an egg for the day. They join her! She has the patience of a saint. They jump on her back and play all over her but she stays in that box and lays a lovely little egg.

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