My Name Is No, No, Bad Dog. What's Yours?

When I purchased this cute little plaque, I thought it was exactly that - cute. This weekend, however, it was possibly accurate.
"We" decided to rebel against our puppy pads on Saturday and "we" tore them up not once, not twice, but four times. Yes, the definition of idiocy was a fit for me on Saturday because it was me who kept re-loading the puppy pad holder, however, I was hot, filthy and trying desperately to work in the yard. Because of this I thought, in my delusional wisdom, I'll will them to stop. Yeah right. It didn't work. The funny thing (I suppose) is that they were outside with us most of the day so they chewed those pads up in a very short amount of time!

The evidence....

The first look of guilt....

.... and the second look of guilt!
I've determined that it's partly Cait's fault. When the boys joined our family she was automatically promoted to "big sister". Well, with the promotion comes responsibilities, one of them being the designated supervisor. Unfortunately, after 2 hours with them she handed me her crown, took her voluntary demotion to just "sister", informed me that those crazy boys can't be supervised, and went to bed. Now they have no supervisor when we're not around.
I am happy to report that today (Sunday) "we" only chewed up 1 puppy pad and "we" go to share a Frosty Paws ice cream to celebrate. Life's good!


Carol............. said...

Your French Bulldogs are so adorable...those ears!

I've enjoyed my visit and will return.
have a great day!

Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks so much Carol. Yes, we think they're pretty cute too (even when they're in trouble).

Flat Creek Farm said...

What cute pics of the boys and Cait! Darling story as well, but I feel your frustration with 'potty training'.. good luck, Mom! -Tammy

Diane said...

Very funny. They are too cute!

Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks Tammy and Diane. They definitely do better with potty training when we're home all day. They are adorable though, even when they're in trouble.