News From Around the Farm

Look at how much the babies have grown! That's them next to Mama Claire and Little Kathy. I'm not sure where the time has gone for them to get so big. They are still leary of the "big girls", but they're on their way to being able to hold their own.

The weather has been quite toasty here the last few days. The chickens enjoy laying in the dirt and in the dust bathe to keep cool. They're also enjoying their new supervisory job. Jay is building the new potting shed across from where the coop is so they are able to heckle and boss him around as much as they want.
And the puppies, well the chickens just can't quite figure out what those little guys with the big ears are. They talk about them non-stop when we're walking around the coop. I actually think Mr. Clyde laughed at them today.
Well, despite Cait's vote, she ended up with 2 new brothers. The night before they came home we were setting their stuff up. She decided to inspect the new toys, beds and crate. She inspected, thought about it, then voted a big thumbs down to the idea. Sorry Caity bug - 2 against 1.

So, this is Emerson. He is a very lovey kind of guy. He's very sensitive and needs lots of attention. He often thinks he's doing something wrong so he gets lots of positive reinforcement to build his self-esteem.

And then there's Oliver. Oliver is all of 9 pounds and believes that he's a 150-lb Rottweiler. He's ready to take on any challenge (except the vet) and if he's told "no" he just keeps on going. He has a hard time staying focused but he really does try.

His face looks like a cross between a bat and a little old man who's very worried. They've both got great personalities that compliment each other very well.
They did very good today. They both used the puppy pads when I couldn't get home to let them out, and they went to see Dr. Lori today. Initially, poor Oliver was shaking like crazy, but by the end of the visit he'd fallen asleep in my arms.
All in all they decided she was a pretty nice Doctor. She even gave them each 2 treats, just because they were so cute.
Dr. Lori tired them out so much they passed out while supervising me making dinner. Emerson woke up and tried to play with his new squirrel toy that cousin Rudy got for them, but he fell asleep while playing. I think they live by their own motto of "play hard and sleep hard".

Oh, the life of a puppy!


GardenofDaisies said...

Your chickens are getting big! And now new little puppies... how sweet!

Flat Creek Farm said...

I loved the chicken pictures (of course), but Oliver and Emerson just steal my heart away. They are adorable! -Tammy