Settling In

Things are going well with the new additions to the family. Oliver and Emerson have settled right in. Actually, everyone comments on how surprising it is that they already know we're mom and dad. I can't believe it's only been 1 week!
Potty training is going well. Oliver caught right on. His only accidents have been when he's so excited and playing so hard that he doesn't realize he needs to go. Not bad though. Emerson, however, is a tad bit lazy. He's doing well, but going outside for anything is not on the top of his "to do" list. And staying out long enough to do #1 and #2 is very hard for him. We've made some progress over the weekend though, so hopefully all will move forward.

Friday was a busy day for the boys. Jay brought them to my office and they met a bunch of new "Aunties". They met Auntie Filomena, Auntie Annie, Auntie Renee and Auntie June. They still have to meet their Auntie Kim in Massachusetts. Auntie Renee invited them over for a play date with cousin Rudy when they're ready. They can't wait!

After all that excitement they returned home and Grandma came over to play. They were exhausted Friday night - it was great!

Saturday they got to meet some new friends at a dog store downtown called "Dawgdom". We wanted to buy a mesh harness like cousin Rudy has so it doesn't pull like the nylon strap harnesses do. While there 2 little Boston Terriers came in, Kennedy and Harper, and they got their first taste of very anxious and nosy dogs. At first they were a little timid because Kennedy was quite aggressive, but eventually they thought it was a fun challenge.

They've met the chickens and the chickens enjoy checking them out as much as they enjoy it. Clyde still doesn't know what they are and just can't get enough.
When they're outside they explore a lot together. I count on Oliver to keep Emerson going so he doesn't give up and want to go in the house.

They are learning to sleep in "big boy" beds as well as their crate. We have to get everything big enough for 2 because they can't be separated.
For puppies, they are actually quite calm. Everyone comments on that. Don't get me wrong, they love to play and play hard, but they aren't wild and crazy as many puppies are. We are very lucky!
Cait is learning to love them. She really likes that they are gated to a room so she has the rest of the house. I keep trying to tell her that it won't last forever, just until the potty training is under control. I don't think she believes me though, after all, she is the princess of the house!


Flat Creek Farm said...

What great pics of your boys! I enjoyed this post so much. These little guys are so lucky to have each other, and such wonderful parents.

Also, as I look on your sidebar, I see lots of chicken treat ideas that I'll be using in the future :) Thank you for sharing! -Tammy

Anonymous said...

im so glad they are doing so well! they are so lucky to have gotten to go to a new home together!

~ashley (a previous mommy of the boys)

Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks Tammy - yes, we know we made the right decision in "adopting" both boys.

Ashley, your comments mean a lot. Thank you. We feel so fortunate to have found such wonderful (and cute!) boys to bring into our home.