What a Weekend!

It was a busy weekend and it seems as though we got a lot accomplished. Always a good feeling.
Saturday started off by taking the boys to the Farmer's Market for the first time. We are lucky enough to have a very nice outdoor Market. The unlucky part of the equation is that it's always packed. There's a lot of grassy areas on the outskirts, so that's where I sent Jay, Emerson and Oliver while I shopped. The boys loved it. They loved watching the other dogs, getting lots of attention and just being outside.

After the Farmer's Market they were still raring to go, so we put them in their outdoor pen so they could supervise us while we worked. That's always a hit!

Look at those cute harnesses!

After being outside for a little while they started getting tired, so after lunch and another walk I gave them an extra special treat...Frosty paws. The ice cream for dogs. They didn't get a whole one, but instead shared, and I must say that it was quite a hit. Oliver was so thrilled and exhausted that when he was done, he walked right over to his big boy bed and rolled over on his back. He was a happy camper!

I worked in my craft room (see post below or "Redecoration Projects") and Jay worked on my potting shed.
On Sunday they got their first baths. Boy do they smell nice! I let Cait go without one so she'd feel special since her nose is still slightly bent out of shape. She gets close to them, but won't actually let them smell her. She's happiest when they have to stay in one room, although she will sleep in the living room with them as long as they sleep on dad's couch, not hers.
After their baths they raced at top speed around the dining room table. Around and around and around for at least 7 or 8 minutes. At the speed they were going I thought they'd be dry by the time they stopped.
I finished up my craft room, performed a "Spring Cleaning" on the chicken coop (all litter and straw removed, everything wiped down and vacuumed with the shop vac), and planted some veggies. It was in the low 70's today, which also meant I was able to hang laundry out on the line. I love the smell of clothes dried outside!
Jay got 3 of the 4 walls of the potting shed framed so that's coming right along. The boys did a lot of supervising and wore themselves out again.
They love their big boy bed!


Flat Creek Farm said...

Sounds like you had a really busy weekend! Those boys look adorable in their harnesses, and appear to be just 'plum tuckered out' :) Precious! -Tammy

Lilla said...

The boys are adorable. I bet you are having so much fun with them. Poor Cait. Maybe you need to get her a kitten companion?

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Ohmygoodness - your two boys are just the cutest things. I just want to give them both a big squeeze!! :-)