Happy Tuesday!

Well, it's already an exhausting week and it's only Tuesday.  Where should we start?  Well, let's just start with one of the exhausting things....trouble makers.  Now, I'm not pointing any fingers or anything, but I've got 2 "someone's" who have been getting into their fair share of trouble.  Yup, I know you'd never guess by the innocent faces, but these boys' middle name lately is trouble.

We have a new daytime pet sitter (thank goodness for Miss Sarah!!) and she is wonderful.  She comes over during the week and walks them and gives them their lunch.  Well, let me just say that not only are they causing trouble when we're home, but they're making messes for Miss Sarah too.  She's kind enough to clean up after them and make it all better.

It seems "we've" learned how to bust through the baby gate and tear into the only indoor tree.  Today, "we" also learned how to climb the hardwood stairs on our own (the "do not enter" zone).  One bad thing though, "we" don't know how to go down them.  So, not only is this a complete invasion of Caity bug's space (her only space without those boys), but "we" did "our business" in our parents bedroom since "we" couldn't go down the stairs until Miss Sarah got here and carried us.

Poor Cait.  She just looks at us with that disappointed face and says "tsk tsk....you're the ones that brought them here!"  I keep telling her they're puppies and this will pass.  She tells me it's not passing fast enough.  She doesn't, however, remember what a terror she was her first year to our poor beloved Zach.  She says I'm delusional and not remembering her baby years correctly.  Yeah right.

On to a better note.  Well, sort of.  My garden is coming along, however, something is enjoying a feast on my lovely little plants. 

It's probably that fat woodchuck we had last year.  Regardless, I have to keep replanting and am now consistently using my row covers. Tonight I replanted cucumbers, watermelon, lettuce, beans and spinach.  Last year he enjoyed my peas and carrot tops too.  Crossing my fingers that he forgets how wonderful those tasted.

I have had lovely little red strawberries, but my constantly increasing number of chipmunks have taken a liking to them.  Jay and I have had a few, enough to know they're really good, and that's about it.  We managed to find 2 tonight and savored them....slowly.

The potting shed is now added to the ongoing list of halfway done projects.  Between the weather and an ongoing priority list it just feels like things aren't getting accomplished.  We've also added the rain barrels to that list.  They're up, but gutters and downspouts need to be installed.

My flowers are blooming and my trees are planted (paw paw and asian pear), although I'd hoped to be a little further along with new flower beds and plantings.  Thank you mom for helping in creating the beds!  Don't know what I'd do without her help.

The lilies are just getting ready to bloom.

Look how big the babies are getting!  They are just about the size of the "big girls".  Can you believe it?  Baby Sam is glued to Mama Claire's side.  I'll tell you, Mama Claire is the most patient creature I've ever seen.  She gets the "chicken mama of the year" award, hands down.

Mr. Clyde has realized that it's his job to be the sole protector of the girls.  I am typically the one they're protected against.  Yes, he's attacked me a couple times because he gets nervous when I pick them up.  Try as I might to convince him we're a team, he just doesn't see it that way.

Then there's poor Lucy Lou.  She told me yesterday that if she doesn't see a chicken tractor, promised by Santa, by the end of the week, then she's going to start spreading rumors that the fat guy in red isn't real (yes, even chicken Santa's wear red).  I tried to reason with her and explain that she received half the Christmas gift (the heaters) and she should be thankful, but her response was that he should have only taken half the Amish Oatmeal if he wasn't going to follow through with all his gifts.  I reminded her that we have babies in the coop now that she should be sensitive to and she shrugged her chicken shoulders and said "I want my chicken tractor".  It's hard to please a cranky chicken. 

So, that's been our "happy Tuesday".  Hope yours has been happy too!


Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Sounds like 'the boys' are either going through the 'terrible twos' or the 'teen years' with their antics. Imagine getting past the gate then up the stairs and leaving you a present in your bedroom! Poor Cait! Poor puppy sitter! Poor YOU! Yes they'll eventually 'grow up'...it's waiting for it to happen that's the hard part. Good Luck! Your garden and flowers look wonderful..too bad about the chipmunks and woodchuck though. Your coop is looking about done but I know what it's like when everything needs doing at once because of delays. I'll be looking forward to seeing pictures as you get everything accomplished. Love the chickens...I'm a sucker for them. Don't think I'd like your 'mean' rooster though..yikes! I hope tomorrow Lucy Lou is a happy camper. Enjoy your day and thanks for the fun post! Maura :)

Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks Maura - yes, I think it's the terrible two's, although I know it could be a LOT more terrible! Lucy Lou received a worm today when I got home, so she was pretty happy.

lizzylanefarm said...

The gardens and chickens are beautiful! You ended up with 2 more strawberries from your garden than we did. HA!


Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks Karyn. Well, we enjoyed the 2 and watched the chippies enjoy the rest - all in one day!