Meet Our "Foster Chicks"

We have recently become "foster parents" to 5 adorable little chicks.  Aren't they beautiful? 
Yesterday we brought them out of the coop and put them in the puppy pen.  They had a ball trying to fly.  They all were able to get good height but their technique hasn't quite been developed yet.
They are a variety of breeds and are so soft and cuddly.  Needless to say, Clyde and the girls aren't impressed with their new roommates.  Guess they can sympathize with Cait.


Flat Creek Farm said...

Your foster "kids" are adorable :) Love watching my babies try to fly, although they can't get much height in their portable run (that's probably a good thing with our barn kitties nearby ;)). -Tammy

Cindy said...

So cute! Great idea to use the puppy pen for some running arount time.