Foster Chick Update

Well, the foster chicks are still with us.  Our friends have not yet been successful in getting approval from the town to take them back, but they're still working on it. 

 In the meantime, they reside in their addition inside the coop. 

We introduced them to the rest of the flock today.  That didn't go over so well. 
You know how you have this vision - we'll call it the ideal world, where within the 1/2 hour everyone can at least tolerate each other? 

Not so much. 

Lucy Lou was continually jumping up and butting them with her chest, trying
desperately to show them who's in charge.  Meg would follow right behind,
pecking at them when they were down. 
And the babies, oh brother.  Baby Sam and Baby Renee were the worst. 
They pecked and picked and pushed. 

The rest of the girls and Clyde could care less. 

We'll be giving it a try again.

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