A Chicken Update

The chickens, for the most part, are doing well.  I believe the mite infestation has been eradicated, for this year anyway.  We learned from that nightmare - prevention.  Going forward, when we have spells of heat and humidity (this year it's been almost the entire summer), we will do some preventative powdering.  If any of you have similar weather I will highly recommend taking the preventative approach as the infestation is uncomfortable for the people and for the chickens.  Having little creepy crawly's on your arms and legs is no fun for anyone, and particularly not for the chickens who are getting bit by the little annoying things.

Another sign to look for is missing feathers on your chickens chest (as seen in the photo below).  We didn't realize this was a potential sign of mites, but it makes sense.

Mr. Clyde is adapting to his new home quite well.  We had an update that he has found many new "ladies" and is getting hen pecked right into place.  We are told that he appears to have a smile on his beak.  I'm very happy for him.

My ladies, however, are much quieter.  I can't believe how much trouble the handsome guy used to stir up.  The girls don't complain and nit pick at each other nearly as much.  I know a few of them miss him, but I think there's a few that are pretty happy.  Mama Claire and Little Lizzie have come out of the nesting boxes!  Hooray!  Lizzie and Clyde definitely had a hate-hate relationship so she is one of the happier hens.

The foster chicks are now intermingled with the "big girls" and getting along quite well.  There is, of course, a pecking order being established.  The chicks like to go outside with everyone else and enjoy the sunshine and treats.  For the most part they are left alone except for the occasional "you shouldn't be there" peck to let them know who's the boss.  Lucy Lou, however, enjoys, from time to time, forcing them to line up with their beaks facing the coop.  She used to do this to the Araucana's when they were younger.  Once Lucy has them lined up, Meg and Sarah enjoy joining in and pecking them just because they can. 

Boy can you learn a lot about people by watching chickens!

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Flat Creek Farm said...

I had to giggle at your post! Yes, you can learn so much by watching chickens. Pecking order indeed! Sounds like Clyde is one happy fella. If you haven't seen my update yet, we have two (yes, count 'em two) roosters. Some upsets have occurred already. We shall see. I even tried putting a little jacket on Shotgun, our bigger troublemaker. How did that work out for us? It didn't fix the problem, but provided a little entertainment! :) -Tammy p.s. I will watch out for mites. Sounds like no fun to deal with!!