Everyday Life

What are some of your visions of "everyday life"?
What things would remind you of this moment in time?
Take photos of those ordinary moments to cherish in years to come.


Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hi Staci!
What wonderful photo's! I love them all especially the 'butt' photo and the one of the two pups. I also love the red building....what ever it is it's perfectly charming. Your chicken stock(?) and cake made me hungry...they looked delicious. I see you're way ahead of us when it comes to fall...most trees are still green in our neck of the woods and I'm still in shorts and tank top! Tomorrow our high is to only be 68 (it's 83 now)but sunny so maybe that will help get us in the 'mood' for autumn...it's my favorite time of year. Looks like you're doing work on your porch...I'm really looking forward to starting an outside project soon..painting the house or putting up the picket fence. It's just been way to hot this summer to do much of anything outside. Enjoy your day and your projects....
Maura :)

Verde Farm said...

What beautiful pictures you've shared today. You are so right about those ordinary moments. You have captured some wonderfully, ordinary moments here :)
Amy at Verde Farm

Lilla said...

Such wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing.