First Snow - Winter 2010

It's here!  The first snow of Winter.

 The boys are not at all impressed.  Oliver, a.k.a. "shaky Jake" shook more than usual and Emerson thought it was another thing to feast on (in addition to sticks, mushrooms and dirt).

The chickens had enough by 4:30 and put themselves to bed.

The pellet stove is now officially on for the season.

Welcome Winter!

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Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Wow're right winter has come early for you! My reminds me of the last time my sister from England came to visit when I lived in British Columbia. It snowed in the mountains on the way to the airport Nov 7/96.. 5 hours away in Calgary and when we got home we had a foot and a half of it on the ground. It stayed for the rest of the winter! Looks like you could be 'enjoying' the same thing this year in the northeast. Isn't it funny how each animal reacts differently to the snow and cold...some like it other's don't and our two Shih Tzu's are total opposites! The chickens sure don't like it. Keep warm by the fire...don't you just love pellet/woodstoves!
Maura :)