Meet Daisy

Daisy is one of our foster chicks which are now called our new chicks.

Daisy is featured first because she started laying first which means she's the superstar of the new chicks.

Daisy is not fond of being held, but likes to know what's going on (as all chickens seem to do).  She usually sleeps by herself but hangs out during the day with the other new chicks.  She's very sweet.

Daisy and Little Lizzie came up with quite the plan.  Little Lizzie has still been broody so she's invited Daisy into her nesting box.  Daisy goes in, lays her egg and exits quickly.  Little Lizzie then takes over the egg.

Smart little thing.


Verde Farm said...

She’s beautiful and what a great partnership they have--surrogacy at it’s best :)

Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks Amy! You're right - I guess it is their surrogacy plan.