Christmas 2010 Is Over....

Christmas has come to an end for another year.

Hard to believe, isn't it?

Cait is happy, as you can see above, with her new feather toys.

She is particularly happy when she bats them at Oliver and Emerson and we tell them not to touch them.

This gives her great satisfaction.

We mostly play along for her sake.

We didn't decorate much this year.

I was too busy and it just seemed too overwhelming.

We only put the small tree up in the entry room.

No big tree.

We decorated it with adirondack-style ornaments.

The girls in the coop were pretty happy.

They were served warm pancakes for Christmas breakfast.

They talked about it for hours.

This morning they got warm Amish Oatmeal with yogurt.

I heard all about that all day too.

There's nothing better than happy chickens. 

They sure know how to show appreciation and get excited about the little things.

The above photo shows some of Oliver and Emerson's toys.

Santa worked hard on those.

This was their first Christmas so they weren't sure about this thing with ripping up paper and not getting in trouble.

They probably thought it was a set-up.

Once they got going though, it was very exciting.

Oliver was the first to get a toy unwrapped (with my help).

He ran around the house at top speed, Emerson right on his tail.

They would have been happy with that one present.

When I finally got them back to the living room and they discovered ALL the wrapped paper held toys for them, they were thrilled beyond belief.

You can see in the above photo they spent a good portion of the day making sure to chew the wonderful new toys apart.

After they were successful at chewing apart the toys, they collapsed in front of the pellet stove.

A guy needs a nap after all that excitement!

Can't wait for next year.


John Gray said...

when christmas is over THEN it is oer to me!
lovely pics of the dogs x

Verde Farm said...

Looks absolutely beautiful to me. I love your decorations. You are the best chicken mommy I know. I feel like such a bad mommy. I must do better. The doggies were so good to get these wonderful toys. Looks like the enjoyed the day as much as you all did :) Happy New Year and glad your Christmas was a great one.

Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks John. And Amy, thanks for the wonderful compliment. No, you are not a bad chicken momma, mine are just spoiled (although they don't think so!!).