A Little Bit Chilly

It seems to be a bit cold all throughout the U.S. and the state of New York is no different.

We haven't had an enormous amount of snow.....yet.

It's been quite cold this week though.

Oliver and Emerson absolutely love the snow. 

They love to eat it and wrestle in it.

Cait loves the cold temperatures so she can sit in front of the pellet stove.

Jay had chicken duty yesterday morning and decided it was too cold so he would keep the girls in the coop for the day with their heater running.

They didn't like his style of decision-making. 

They aren't fond of a dictatorship.

This morning I had chicken duty. 

They went outside while I was cleaning inside and when I peeked out at them I saw a funny sight.

They were all sprawled out like it was summer.

I think they were trying desperately to make me understand they wanted their options kept open.

I left the outdoor door open for them.

They've been outside all day.

I now have happy chickens.

I'm sure tomorrow they will find something else they'd like.  Probably scrambled eggs or warm oatmeal with milk or yogurt.

I'm sure Lucy Lou will lead that rally.

For now I'll enjoy their happiness.  And the cold.


Verde Farm said...

Beautiful pictures Staci. We have a good bit of snow here today--probably about 6 inches since last night and it’s gorgeous. I would love to know how you heat the coop for your girls? My chickens are crazy--they want outside no matter what--today, hardly a one left hte barn and we didn’t open the coop for the chickens in there to go into the run either. I may make them some oatmeal to bring a little happiness there way :)
Stay warm,

Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks Amy. We heat with flat panel heaters that are cool to the touch. We had the best luck with those sold thru shopthecoop.com. The others that we tried didn't heat up enough. You would also want to invest in a thermostatic plug for your outlet. This way you don't have to keep track of the temperature and turn the heaters on/off.