- 10 Degrees

That's what our temps were when we woke up this morning.

I don't think the snow and icicles will be falling off the roof tonight.

It's now a balmy 11 degrees.

Tomorrow we may make it to the 30's.

The chickens may be able to come out to play.

That would make them very happy.


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I have to admit that not since we were in Alaska have I been in temps below zero...I remember it well!! I hope you're able to be inside where it's toasty and warm!! Take care!!

Rural Revival said...

I think that's similar to the temps here, -25C this morning. Very, very chilly!!!

Linda Stubbs said...

So nice that you came over to say hello! It is sad about Joanne.........I have never been to her blog until this morning when a blogger friend said to go and see......so I could pray. I read her story. So sad..... trusting the Lord will step in! It sounds like she need a huge miracle!.

Love your picture of the roof, ice and snow! Amazing!

Blessings, Linda

Rug Cottage and Iowa Barntiques Antique Mall said...

We're having a rough winter also here in Iowa. I don't think we have as much snow, but we're looking forward to single digit temps for highs for the next 6 days. Blogging helps me keep sane... It's cheaper than a therapist... Ha Ha. I'm not a big fan of winter, yet I do try to see it's beauty.

Happy 2011,

Verde Farm said...

WOW--great picture and amazing icicles. We’ve warmed up here--in the 40s and lots of rain :( I think I miss the cold.