Cold Temps Bring Out Attitude At Cobble Hill

This, I believe, would be our headline if we were featured in a newspaper.  It's cold.  It's actually downright frigid.  We surprisingly had a high yesterday of 24 degrees and today we made it to a whopping 17 degrees. 

My biggest challenge on days like these are the animals.  I get Oliver and Emerson up at 6:15 to do their "business".  They don't want to go to the cold outdoors, and when I get them outside they sit on the back deck and shiver trying to make me feel like an unfit mother.  Emerson gives me those know the ones, the "please don't make me do this" eyes.  Oliver does his drama king make-your-whole-body-shiver routine.  Once we get moving though they start playing and having a great time.

Then there's the chickens.  If it doesn't get out of the teens we don't let them outside, they play indoors all day.  I do, however, have to get them outside to clean inside so they can play in clean quarters.  At 7a.m. my mind doesn't work well at tricking chickens, but I do my best.

I bring a really tempting treat in the white plastic bowls.  For days like these you have to go big - treats they don't get all the time such as scrambled or hard-boiled eggs, cottage cheese (particularly tempting when you top it with dried meal worm sprinkles), pancakes, or oatmeal with milk or yogurt.  I put the treats in the outdoor coop, which they come running to get, and then I get into the indoor coop and clean as quickly as possible.  When I'm done I take the treat bowls from the outdoor coop, put scratch grains in them, then put them indoors.  So far it works and they all come running in.  Hopefully they don't catch on before the end of winter.

Then there's Lucy Lou.  Although she falls for my morning tricks she makes sure I know she is NOT happy about any of my shenanigans.  She cackles, squawks, and gets as close to me as possible (usually up on a roost so she's closer to eye-level) and carries on.  I give her the "yes Lucy, I know Lucy, I understand Lucy" but it doesn't make her feel any better.

Then there's her attitude toward Jay.  She has in her mind he's her personal farm hand.  When she see's him she comes running, cackling and squawking up a storm, demanding this, that or the other.  When he ignores her she gets louder.  I've tried my darndest to explain to her that he is not her personal farm hand, that he's the "daddy" to all the crazy critters but she doesn't like my explanation at all.

Jay thinks she's fired him a few times, but it's hard to tell since we aren't fluent in chicken.  He said he just keeps showing up though.

Poor guy.  What Lucy doesn't realize is if she would buddy up to Little Lizzie and get her to ask for the things she wants she'd probably get them.  You see Jay has quite a soft spot for Lizzie.  She flys up to his arm and he gives her goodies without the other girls knowing.  She's made the same impact on me, so now she just expects that we will always have extra goodies just for her and I must say we never disappoint.

Attitude or not, they are all quite a fun group.  I hope the temp's are a little warmer for all of you in your area of the world.


Rural Revival said...

What a cute group! It's cold here too, very cold. Sure glad we have a good layer of snow now to keep everything insulated.


HAZEL said...

Sometimes the animals here are a real chore...but really, life would be so dull without their carrying ons!

Lilla said...

What a good critter mommy you are! Where do you get meal worm sprinkles? I'm sure my girls would love those.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

It is hard to get up and get moving on cold mornings! But there's a part of me that's glad when everything's done so early, then maybe I can go back to bed...however, I never do!!

Hope your day is going well! :-)

John Gray said...

I have a lucy lu
she is called mary and a real sweetie

Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Lilla we buy the freeze-dried meal worms from Randall Burkey. They aren't cheap so they are truly a treat!!