Snow Update - 1 Foot

Yup, I woke up to a foot of snow.  The paths I'd shoveled the night before for the dogs morning "duty" no longer existed.  One look through the window at the picnic table told me that.

It was absolutely beautiful first thing in the morning, before it began falling from the trees.

It sparkled and shimmered.

When Jay got up he started up the snowblower.

It took a couple hours, but he eventually cleared the driveway and paths for the chickens and dogs.

The dogs won't use the paths. They tunnel through the foot of snow and make their own. When they come up out of the snow it's with a quick burst and thrust into the air they go.

Emerson got his exercise today.


Rural Revival said...

Look at all that snow! I'm a wee bit jealous, for some reason snow seems to be avoiding us this year, again. Love your coop!


jaz@octoberfarm said...

hi...i just found your blog and i love it. i love upstate new york too! i wish we had snow like you do! i signed on to follow you.

Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Welcome Jaz! I'm thrilled with the snow Andrea as long as we don't get hammered with more than a foot at a time. We were lucky that this snow is light - no loss of power!!

Verde Farm said...

Gorgeous for sure. I love the early morning during or after a good snow--so quiet and insulated. That snow blower comes in handy I am sure. Your coop is extra cute--I love it!