Snowy Day

5 - 9 inches of snow is predicted for today into tomorrow.

We have about 3 inches right now.

This morning I had chicken duty.  I was prepared for a lot of complaining.

Somehow, the snowy morning seemed to go over ok.

For the most part they stayed to the side of the outdoor coop without snow.

Except for Renee.  She was bound and determined to have morning as usual.

She wasn't too fond of the snow on her feet and took turns holding each up, but she dealt with it pretty good.

I went into work for a couple of hours.  When I came home there was more snow in the outdoor coop and no chickens in sight.

Where could they all be???

I opened the door to the indoor coop and there they were.

Complaining to Mother Nature.

Lucy Lou was trying to get a rally going.  For a moment I thought the chicken band was going to start up.

Thankfully it didn't.

They love to peck at the snow, but don't want it anywhere near their feet.

Guess who does love the snow on their feet ....

Emerson and Oliver.

Emerson especially.  He bounds thru the snow like a bunny hopping straight up in the air.

They love running and wrestling in it.

I tell Emerson Mother Nature made it snow just for him.

He loves it but hates to come in.

Also hates to waste time going to the bathroom.

We have constant reminders about our "duty".

Once we come in they lay on their big boy bed in front of the pellet stove to dry.

Today, once dry, Emerson decided he needed to kick back and take a nap.

He decided "dad's couch" is the best spot for that.

A guy's exhausted after all that playing!


Laura @ Darroch Cottage said...

what clever girls they know where it's warm and cosy!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

So pretty and your dogs are adorable!!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

The snow is so pretty and your dogs look so sweet. The chickens look like they keep things lively!

Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Yes Laura, remember, they have 2 heaters in there!! Thanks Sue and Alicia - the dogs are pretty sweet indeed.

Diane said...

Our chickens don't like the snow either. A month ago when the snow blew in to their coop, only a small area was without snow and that is where all of them were. We are expecting alot of snow tonight and tomorrow, they won't be happy.

Hahnsmum said...

Yr dogs names ''crack me up', especially EMERSON..You see, thats one of my names..l am truly honoured to visit the cutest little French-Bulldog with my name. ( our neighbour has one whom we adore ) ..l LOVE my dogs more than l like most people ..So we also have spoilt pooches living in with us.. Would you mind if l ''pinched'' a pic of EMERSON & put him on my frig..Love it..First time l have ever heard of a doggie with my name.. Regards, & Best Wishes,
Pam Emerson Clarke,
New England, NSW, Australia.

Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks Pam. Emerson is my mother-in-laws maiden name and that's who he's named for. I don't mind at all if you print off a photo for your frig. Thanks for asking!