The Oliver and Emerson Dictionary

We have a "dog language" - words we use specifically for the boys.

Their "dog-tionary" includes:
  • Potty-poop = we need to go outside and do one or both.
  • Peanut Butter Cookie = any treat is known as this.  We did this specifically so we don't have to go around spelling the words "treat" or "cookie". 
  • Sweet Potato = breakfast or dinner.  Their dog food's main ingredients are fish and sweet potato so we started calling their meals "sweet potato".
  • Bye bye = obvious.
  • Who's home? = stop barking and go look out the window {it works}.
  • Big Red Truck = they LOVE Jay's big red truck, so when I say this they run to the back window to watch for it.
  • Night-night = obvious.
  • Uh-Oh = you've done something naughty, i.e. "Uh-Oh Oliver!"  This usually gets him all riled up and he then barks with excitement and kicks his back right leg.  When you say it to Emerson Oliver still gets excited which, in turn, gets Emerson excited.
  • Stay = obvious but doesn't work well because they have to know everything.
  • Up-up = time to go inside, so go up the back stairs.
  • Naughty = when someone has been a naughty boy.  This is usually used with Oliver's name following right behind.  He's a bit of a trouble-maker.
  • Time-Out = we haven't had to put either of them {mostly Oliver} in time out since they are big boys now.  However, sometimes when we tell Oliver he's being naughty he puts himself in time-out.  Seems to work out for all of us!  Emerson sits by and waits for Oliver to let himself out, then the playing continues.  Too funny!
  • Sit = obvious.  Ms. Sarah taught them this and they know how to follow the command but try to convince you they don't.  Especially when there's a peanut butter cookie about to be handed out.  No time to sit!
  • Chicken = any bird.
  • Caity-Bug = any cat.  Say it and they start looking around.
  • Good Boy = they, thankfully, are told this much more than "naughty".
  • Want to have some yogurt? = get very excited because a small dish of white yummy is on it's way!  They know the "clink" of the yogurt jar, so if we're dishing out yogurt for ourselves or for the chickens you'd better have a small dish for them too.
I'm sure there are others, but those come to mind.

How about you?  What words do you use for your animals?


Pattie said...

I love all those "terms"! LOL! We use hand signals alot....or facial features. At nite we say "bedtime" and up they go. I definately don't have to tell them when it's time to eat because my rat terrier has a built in clock. every day from 3:30 to 4 he starts sneezing,( he is a rescue and sometime in his life somebody taught him to sneeze.),and then if I ingnore him he starts barking and will not stop!
So I guess with him, he has taught ME a few "words". 8>)

texwisgirl said...

I tend to sing songs at random, filled with silly words and phrases that are pretty much all made up. Somehow I manage to remember and repeat some of them as standards. :)

Verde Farm said...

So cute Staci! I love it. Poor Oliver, putting himself in time-out--how funny. They like yogurt too? I will try with my babies. :)
Hugs, Amy

Simone @ Doberman's by the Sea said...

How cute. We have words, too. Happy Sunday.

Teresa said...

I just talk to mine like they have a vast command of human English. It works most times.

Leontien said...

To be honest, we still use our Dutch terms for our dog...

Zit = Sit
Beestjes vangen = go make yourself usefull and catch a mouse
brave hond = he's a good puppy
KOEKJE = do you want a cookie???

Funny thing is when our friends come over and give him a english question/remark he still get's it! Smart dog we have.... LOL


Cindy Caudle said...

Very smart dogs. Mine have words that they know, such as:

Piggies: their paws. Like give me your piggy. They will lift their paws.
Bacon: Treats
Kennel up: Time for bed.
Outside: self explanatory. I can spell out and they know what it is.

They are more but my brain is not working right now.

Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Pattie - that's funny you should mention facial features. That's so true. Ours watch for everything. And very funny about the sneezing!!
Leontien I used to use German words for my cat Zach. I'm not sure if it confused him or if he understood, but it always seemed to work. Particularly to make him be quiet when I was making dinner. He loved food!! A little eine momente bitte! And he'd stop.
Cindy - I like the "give me your piggy". Very cute. And you are so right, they definitely learn what the spelling is!!
Thanks for all your comments!