The last weekend of February.
Hard to believe really.
I'm starting to plan my garden. 
Gathering my seed catalogs, placing orders, and mapping out where all will be planted this year.
Hoping my husband has time to build an additional raised be before June.
We'll see.

I didn't do a lot of baking this weekend, but did make scrumptious vanilla cupcakes.
There's a photo below that shows how yellow our girls' eggs turned the batter.
Those are some good eggs!

More snow for us.  1 foot on Friday and 4-5 inches more Saturday night.
Sweater season continues.
Emerson is loving it.
This is why I'm planning my garden.
To keep my sanity.

I've made Chicken Chili Relleno bake for dinner tonight as well as baking Lasagna for us to have tomorrow night.
I'll be late tomorrow so it makes it easier.
Maura at Lilac Lane Cottage showed a photo of Taco Soup in a recent post.  I haven't made Taco Soup all season, so I decided to whip up a pot of that as well.

The chickens are elated. 
They received a large dish of cottage cheese with dried mealworms sprinkled on top.  Yum!
Dried mealworms, I've come to determine, are the caviar of the chicken world.
They also received a dish of hard boiled eggs {theirs} crushed, shells and all.
I think they're still chatting about how happy and full they are.

Jay worked at his booth at the Home Show all weekend.
In between blowing snow.
I stopped by today to visit him.
The mornings are slow, so he wanted company.
He probably won't invite me again.
I discovered another "honey do" project while I was there.
I think I'd like a river rock backsplash in my kitchen.
Guess who gets to install it?

Oliver has just dropped off his toy, Mr. Fox, at my feet.
Apparently he would like to assist me in typing this post.
I'll tell you, I have some great helpers.

That was our weekend.
How was yours?


Teresa said...

That is quite the busy weekend. I wasn't anywhere near that ambitious. I'm hoping I get a lot done this week though.

texwisgirl said...

Doesn't that creep you out just a tiny bit to feed eggs and shells to hens? In a previous life, we raised finches and other birds and that always freaked me out a little...

Rural Revival said...

I wish I could be that organized when planning my garden! Although, I do know already that I want a separate bed for pumpkins and summer and winter squash. They like to take over too much!

I really enjoyed Better Off. His writing was a little all over but he really drew me in with their simple life. The though of having more time without overdoing it on technology is very tempting. 3/4 of the way through I would have signed up on the spot!


Cindy said...

Sounds like a wonderfully busy weekend. Just a dusting of snow here in Bellingham, WA this weekend, but very cold. I've been working on garden plans too while waiting out the cold weather. Our chickens have been feasting on some canned cat food that the cats didn't like. The hens gobbled it down like they hadn't eaten in days!

Love the photo collage!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

What a wonderful weekend! *Loved* the photo montage at the end. Mmmmmm, vanilla cupcakes...what kind of frosting?
I don't think I've ever even heard of Taco Soup, but it sounds delicious. Given how your last recipe turned out for me (the chocolate french silk pie), I'm thinking I *definitely* need to try this, too. :-)

Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Cindy - I didn't realize you're from Bellingham. I grew up in Marysville and later moved to Mount Vernon. Such a small world! Yes, chickens LOVE cat food!
Danni - I'll have to post the cupcake recipe. They are very sweet but very yummy!! I made them with vanilla buttercream. In the summer you must try the Chocolate Zucchini cake on my sidebar. It's really really good.
Theresa - it was a little odd at first feeding the chickens the eggs, but it's such a great source of protein and it makes them smile!
Thanks for the wonderful comments!

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Oh goodness...isn't it fun to be thinking and planning the garden..won't be long now until we're all out there getting our hands and everything else dirty. Can't wait! OH my...you're making me really hungry with your new post and now this one! Aww that was sweet of you to mention me and put a link in there...thank you Staci X :) I've been to Bellingham WA and Everett (sp)..came down from Vancouver when I was a little girl. Wow that was a LONG time ago ;) Enjoy your Tuesday!
Maura :)