Just Plain Naughty

Two bored boys.

Locked in a crate for 4 hours.

Chew on our bones?  No.  Play with our toys?  No.  Sleep?  No.

Chew up our bed?  Heck yes!!

Mom will be so proud!

They've gone through 2 beds in 2 days.

I've informed them the replacements are now coming out of their peanut butter cookie fund.

My mother said it best "how can you be mad at them for very long?"

The sad truth.

I'm wrapped right around their paws.


texwisgirl said...

MONSTERS! Mine are all finally old enough to have outgrown most of this destruction... Except for their stuffy chewy toys, of course. Those they rip apart at will...

Teresa said...

Certainly I'd never be able to stay mad at those faces.

Diane said...

They are so cute. I know what you mean about staying mad at them. We have a toy poodle that is like the third child in the family and in our eyes she does no wrong. Thanks for your sympathy about Bella.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I bought new toys the other day and of the 4 I bought there's only one left--You're right, you just can't stay mad! :-))