Another weekend has come and gone.
It feels as though it's over in the blink of an eye.

Hey...we've got more snow.  Whoo hoo!  Once again our "3-5 inches" turned out to be a foot.
Although the entire amount came today, not technically the weekend, it did start Sunday night.
This photo is of our 4 foot fence in the front yard.
We had a nice Saturday and a rainy start to Sunday which helped get rid of some of the snow.
Then the rain changed to sleet and then to snow.
{sigh} I'll keep looking at my seed catalogs and dreaming.

I was fired by Lucy Lou this weekend.
I had chicken duty Saturday morning and all I brought were fresh greens.
She was demanding something else.
I tried to reason with her and tell her the goodies were coming later but she wasn't having any of it.
Later in the morning I brought Amish oatmeal {recipe here}.
She started to forgive me.
In the early evening I brough dessert.  Leftover vanilla cupcakes {minus the frosting}.
I was re-hired in an instant.
Lucky me.  That meant it was back to chicken duty Sunday morning.

Emerson is loving life.  He thinks it snows just for him.
He runs, tunnels, and porpoises through the snow.
We encourage it so the guy can get some exercise.
It wears him right out though.
Oliver is okay with the snow, but he's not impressed.
Laying in front of the fire chewing on his bone or packy {pacifier toy} is his idea of a great day.

Not a big cooking or baking weekend.
My allergies were not treating me well thanks to the up and down temperatures.
I made a childhood favorite - I added M&M's to the blondie recipe {recipe here}.
I haven't had those in a while.
Got the house cleaned and laudry caught up.
I also started reading "Growing a Farmer" by Kurt Timmermeister.  I am very much enjoying it.
It takes place in and around Seattle.  A chef turned hobby farmer.  He has a great writing style.

Jay is trying to get through more of his "honey-do" list, but the snow removal is taking the front seat.
He's just about finished with our entry/mudroom {shelving with baskets photo is below}.
It's open to the kitchen and he's replacing the kitchen bar counter and adding the same stone found behind the pellet stove to the kitchen bar.
It's a lodgy feel.  We'll add a couple of rustic-style bar stools.
Once that's complete the entry will be done.
Then he'll be finishing the kitchen which includes replacing the current lighting with recessed lights and painting the backsplash.
The hardwood floors will be done, hopefully in the late spring, and I've put the river rock backsplash on hold in hopes of getting more checked off his current list.
The painted backsplash will do for now.

How about you?  How was your weekend?


Leontien said...

Well i was kinda stunned by the snow in front of (arround your) fence! my gosh don't it ever stop???

I hope your next weekend is going to be a bit better!

Thanks for sharing

Teresa said...

Sounds like you had a busy weekend. I hope your snow quits falling eventually.

mountain mama said...

oh yum, those m&m's blondies would totally hit the spot!

sounds like a relaxing weekend~

texwisgirl said...

Not nearly as exciting as yours! Love your "honey-do" list. I'd be worn out...

You should link up that mosaic to Little Red House who hosts Mosaic Monday. It's a nice one!

The Chris said...

My wife and I are in upstate NY also, so our weekend was spent with a shovel like yours.
Which leads me to my question - since we are building our chicken coop next year.
Did you insulate your coop, or do the chickens do okay with just a heat lamp? We're afraid it would be too cold for anybody without some help.

Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Chris - are you ready for spring yet??? Regarding your coop we did choose to insulate ours. The reason we did is because we made it the size of a shed - larger than what the birds can keep warm with their own body heat. We also have flat panel heaters (2) hanging in the coop plugged into a thermostatic outlet to control the temp. We have many farmer friends who do not provide heaters or have insulated coops and their chickens are fine - but they have smaller coops with more birds so they're able to keep the coop warm at night with their own body heat. As long as you have breeds that are tolerant of our weather, they do better in the cold weather than they do in the summer heat and humidity.
If I can help in any other way let me know!!