With arms wide open we welcomed in SPRING....finally! 
We enjoyed a wonderful weekend of sunshine and temperatures in the 50's.
The pellet stove was actually turned off both days.  Whoo hoo!

The chickens were treated to a little preventative lice and mite treatment.
We also coated their feet with petroleum jelly.
Scaley leg mites have found a few of the girls. 
Treatment was followed by a large amount of cottage cheese.
All were happy about the latter.
Next weekend they'll be treated to new litter in the indoor coop and new straw in the nesting boxes.
Oh boy!

The dogs received baths.
Emerson received bath x 2.
He likes the mud.
He doesn't like baths.
They now smell wonderful.

Cait was able to lay on a dresser in the sun.
Arms stretched out, basking in the warmth.
She somehow lucked out in the bath department.

Projects are still ongoing.
The small kitchen island is almost complete.
I am hoping Jay will finish it soon.
It needs a piece of trim molding on the bottom, new cabinet doors on the kitchen side, and paint on the kitchen side.
We will probably move to outdoor projects next.
This means my kitchen, bath and front door will have to wait.
They've all been started but not completed.

Although we still have quite a bit of snow, it's so exciting to see the ground as it melts.
My asparagus and strawberry plants are emerging.
I can't wait to dig in with a shovel and start planting!

Emerson has bit off most of the buds of my small fruit trees {because the snow was so high and he loved to climb on it, he could reach the branches}.
I guess we won't have fruit anytime soon.

I made eggs benedict for breakfast this morning.  Yum.
I'm making bread dough to refrigerate for use throughout the week as well as frozen cookie dough {found here} to use throughout the month.
Tried a new Blackberry Crisp recipe.
It needs a little work, but it has a good foundation.
Once I'm happy with it I'll post it.

Laundry is caught up.
Speaking of laundry.  I'm not a fan of fabric softener because the smell is usually so overwhelming.  I'm loving Seventh Generations' Blue Eucalyptus and Lavender liquid fabric softener though.
I don't use it a lot, but it's nice for sheets and towels.
A great, light scent.
I haven't quite finished our taxes.
Guess I better get that done tonight tomorrow.

All in all, a very good weekend.
How about you?  How was your weekend?


texwisgirl said...

look at those 2 cute (clean) boys in the corner of that mosaic... :)

i had a very nice, quiet, relaxing weekend at home. nothing better.

mountain mama said...

sounds like ya'll have been busy bees! great pics, your food pics always make me hungry :)

Mandy said...

Yay for spring! Now we get to stay busy and have some FUN! :D

It's strange, but I actually can't wait to get out to the coop and give it a good cleaning for the summer! :)