It was a beautiful weekend.
The sun was out, the temp.s were in the 50's - 60's and the snow was melting.
Today it reached 80 degrees.
It sure felt odd to wear sandals and shorts and have snow in the yard.
The photos above were taken tonight - after it had all day to melt.
Weird right?

We accomplished a few tasks this weekend from the to-do list.
I went through some of my book stash.
We had a "spring clean-up" in the chicken coop.
Fresh straw and litter for the girls.
Oh, speaking of the chickens.  If you want to try freeze-dried meal worms but didn't want to purchase the large tub always available by mail-order, Lowe's now carries smaller containers in the bird section.  They're still expensive (here they were $6.00 for 6 ounces), but a nice special treat nonetheless.

We also started the yard clean-up, although there's still much more to do. 
Working around the patches of snow of course.
We uncovered strawberry plants, onions and echinacea.
Also in the works were the planning of the upcoming patio area and deck extension.
This, of course, is in addition to the garden shed completion, chicken tractor being built, additional garden beds built for the garden and house being painted.

Speaking of the house being painted.
We've finally found the colors.
Friday night my husband decided he wanted to take a scenic route home from dinner.
Very unusual for him.
We drove past a house when I exclaimed "I think I like the color combination on that house we just passed!"
We turned around and went past it again.
We needed another look, so we turned around and went past it yet again.  Slowly.
Saturday, we decided we needed a photo. 
This time we took the truck because I didn't want the poor people to think some wacko in a silver Jeep Cherokee was stalking them.

Now that I think about it, it was probably not a good idea.
Taking the truck on Saturday probably leaves them believing there are 2 wacky people stalking them and the second one, in the red truck, took photos!
Oh well.
The photos did not turn out.  We were too far away and the sun was bright. 
The photo is below, and the paint chip of the approximate colors are also below.  You'd never tell that from the photo.
The house will be a brownish color with our barn color for the doors and window trim and the cream color shown for the fascia and remaining trim.

We grilled all weekend and again tonight to celebrate the wonderful weather.
I made carrot cake last night with cream cheese frosting.
I'll post the recipe this week.
It's so moist and delicious.

What about you?  How was your weekend?


Teresa said...

Certainly looks like you had a productive weekend. We had those wonderfully warm temperatures also. It was nice to get the shorts out!

HAZEL said...

I began following your blog in the Winter, so I am looking forward to seeing your house and garden through the warmer months. We too are between seasons...I am still wearing a tee shirt in the garden but lighting the fire at night. Strange.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Wow, you really did have a great weekend! Wish my 'accomplished' list were half that impressive... I'm just too slow! It's amazing to still see snow there after an 80 degree day, huh? You guys must have really been dumped on the last few times! Oh, this Spring is glorious though. Enjoy, and don't work too hard ;) -Tammy

texwisgirl said...

glad you got some good temps for your coop cleaning and project stuff. hard to see the house on that photo - you're right. but the paint samples kinda give an idea... :)

Heritage Farm Village said...

you have been so busy! LOVE your mosaic of pics...the house colors look very nice and tasteful. always loved a red door...jill