The end of April is actually here.
Hard to believe.
You'll never guess what I found growing in my garden {it's too cold to plant any seeds yet}.
Carrots.  Baby carrots.
The seeds must have been from my re-seeding last Fall.
Now that I know the winter won't kill them, I'll do it again this Fall.  Only on purpose this time.

It's been a weekend full of cleaning and baking.
I made my Apple Cake recipe on Saturday {recipe will be posted this week}.
It's moist, has a light crumb and is oh-so good.
I'm sure the cream poured over the top prior to baking is what moistens it right up.  Yum.
I also made some whole wheat sandwich bread, Miso-tofu soup {for lunches this week}, and Monkey Bread {recipe here}.
I meant to also make black pepper crackers and granola, but it just didn't happen.
Homemade crackers paired with good quality cheese slices are a delicious mix.

Saturday rained and snowed, so it kept us indoors. 
Today was nice, just overcast.
The boys received bath's on Saturday.
Oliver has decided he loves getting a bath!
Works well for me.
Speaking of Oliver, he is now officially a "big boy".
We took the two of them to the State Park Friday night and Oliver lifted his leg to do his business on a tree.
Whoo hoo!
We told him what a big boy he was and congratulated him.
He strutted along full of pride.

Easter dinner was at my Mom's house.
She made Prime Rib, mashed potatoes, roasted carrots and asparagus.  Wow!  Quite a feast.
Dessert was Monkey Bread.
Moderation was the key word today.

Speaking of guilty pleasures, if you ever peruse through a Whole Foods store, their Dark Chocolate Salted Caramels are outstanding!
I picked them up on a whim last Sunday when we were in Massachusetts.
Tuesday night Jay decided to give one a try.
They are really good.  Hard to have just one.
The caramel is not too chewy, the chocolate not bitter, and the salt on top is the perfect touch.

In the coop, the girls were nice enough to lay almost a dozen naturally colored Easter eggs for us today.
Did you notice in the photo above the enormous brown egg in the back center?
Mama Claire and Little Lizzie aren't laying - they are broody again.
What fun.

What about you, how was your weekend?


HAZEL said...

Although it is coming to the end of Autumn, we have had the most lovely sunny Easter. My Easter has been full of family. Lovely.

texwisgirl said...

big boy. made me laugh!

and yum for baby carrots silly enough to start on their own! :)