What a beautiful weekend we had.
Sunshine, light breeze, and temp.'s around 70 degrees.
I did absolutely no housework this weekend.
Spent both days outside.

We ran a few errands Saturday morning, including a stop at the local farmer's market.
Have you ever tried fiddlehead ferns?
I had never heard of them until moving to this area, so I'm not sure if they are only popular in the New England area or if other areas cook them, but I had not tried them until Saturday.
I swore to Jay I was NOT trying to kill him {they're poisonous after they start opening up}.
I had read they taste like a cross between asparagus and artichokes.
I cleaned them {they have an annoying thin brown skin on them}, boiled them for 2 minutes, then sauteed them in clarified butter {butter cooked until it separates then remove the foam/solids}.
They were ok.  Very light in flavor and in a stretch I could say they taste lightly of asparagus.
Would I eat them again?  Yes.  Would I buy them again to cook?  No.
They are brilliantly green though - beautiful!  {see photo below}

The chickens had a great weekend.
First, they had the excitement of picking the giveaway winner {posted below}.
Then, we decided to put them to work again.
I'm planning a "chicken garden" of greens and marigolds around the outside of their coop.
It's currently grass and I needed to start tearing into the grass.  Why not have the chickens do it?
We set up the small dog fence and let them out.  {photos above and below}
They were ecstatic.
They worked for 2 days straight on it.
Next weekend we'll go back to it again.

Flowers are starting to bloom and my asparagus is up. 
I've got 2 stalks ready to eat {we'll try to not fight over them!}.
The garden beds are all set to go and I planted peas, carrots, beets and lettuce.
Hopefully the frost is gone for the season....fingers crossed.

I made whole wheat bread tonight and thought I'd share a little tip.
Maybe you've heard of it, maybe you haven't, but if you're trying to get your family to eat whole wheat and they aren't thrilled with the wheat flavor, try substituting 2 Tablespoons of the liquid with orange juice.
It seems to take away some of the "wheat-y" flavor.  It's good!

Jay worked on the garden shed.  It's ready for siding.  Whoo hoo!
He also built 2 more raised garden beds for me.
I now have 5   4-foot by 14-foot beds, 2    4-foot by 12-foot beds, 3   2-foot by 2-foot stackable potato bins and 2 shallow waist-high mesclun mix beds.
Hoping to add pea gravel in the paths next year.  I need to kill the grass this year with newspaper and straw.

We also put out the outdoor clothesline.
That feels like Spring to me.  Fresh smelling laundry.
Jay put the clothesline up then said "all right!  Another season of stiff britches!"
He was being a smarty pants.  His "britches" don't go out on the line.

I leave you with a photo collage of Emerson discovering that the chickens had cheese cubes in their outdoor pen to snack on.
The chickens were not at all amused by his crazy antics.

Hope you had a great weekend.  What fun things did you do?


chook said...

we actually had some sunshine here in portland, so we gardened, cleaned the coop, did a little cooking and watched "how to tame your dragon" which we both really enjoyed.

i love your coop! i have coop envy. :)

Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks so much about the coop. Glad you had sunshine too! I LOVE Portland!!

Rural Revival said...

Have I heard of fiddleheads? Well, read this post, and then you'll know!


We had rain today but yesterday was bee-you-tiful!!! : )


mountain mama said...

sounds like a fantastic weekend! i have never heard/seen the fiddlehead ferns...very interesting!!

love all your ideas and tips!!

have a great week :)

Teresa said...

This sounds like such a busy weekend. Looks like the chickens are doing a good job of digging up your flower bed.

texwisgirl said...

i love that your chickens are helping you clean up their new garden spot. :) i wish all chickens had a good life like yours seem to. :)

Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Andrea, I will check out that post now. Glad you had a great Sunday!! Thanks Teresa (x2) and Mountain Mama!