A little bit of rain = the fresh smell of Spring.
A whole lot of sunshine = plants are coming up.
Picked more asparagus - hooray!
Fun working in the yard.
Chickens working to help dig up the area for their personal garden.
Helping friends finish the building of their coop.

Crispy waffles for breakfast with thick cut bacon.
Iced cappucino's mid-day.
Mom's birthday {+ Mother's Day} on Sunday.
Baked a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.
Built raised garden beds for Mom.

3 broody chickens {Claire, Lizzie and Renee}, 2 are full of attitude {Lizzie and Renee}.
Caitlin's princess attitude.
Oliver's barking and barking and barking.......
All full of love.
It was a busy weekend.

How about your weekend?  What did you do?


mountain mama said...

staci~ i love the asaragus in the jug...too cute!!!!

scout and i are admiring the gerber daisy too...i think that's what it is.

sounds like a great weekend~

Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Mountain Mama - yes, that's what it is. Aren't they a beautiful flower? I just couldn't resist photographing it with the little rain drops.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I love a productive day!! We got a fence built, herb beds in along with some toms and weeding/mulching to end the weekend. All this was on Saturday so yesterday was free for Mother's day!

texwisgirl said...

had BIL & SIL over yesterday for grilling out. very nice - sat outside under the oak tree enjoying the warm breeze and tons of birds.

Jennifer said...

Sounds like ya had a great weekend. Love the pretty pictures. We hung out at home, played taxi for the teenagers here & there this weekend, started plantin our garden, enjoyed the farm animals, got then in their free range penned in area (we are penning off the back part or our yard for them), got a new duck on our farm & spent some time with my momma on Mothers Day :)