As I type I hear the tap-tap-tap of the rain hitting the roof.
It's been a wet weekend.
Great for the garden though.

Wilma {pictured above} is feeling better.
She just wasn't herself last week.
It seemed a little touch and go for a while.
No symptoms that could determine a diagnosis from my library of chicken books.
She just wasn't right.
She's up and around, seeming to be her old self again.
Fingers crossed all is well.

Oliver and Emerson had an exhausting Saturday.
Our veterinarian had an open house.
We took the two of them.
Oliver has had some issues with other dogs lately.
They did very good though.
They had lots of cookies, met lots of dogs and Oliver found a girlfriend who couldn't stop kissing him.
A little pug named Sally.
She was a girl on the go.  Made him look lazy.
We had shirts made {photo below} because we love our Dr. Lori.

With the rain going on outside there was no good excuse to not clean the house today.

Tonight is the smell of chicken parmesan cooking and cinnamon rolls baking in the oven.
An odd mix, but wonderful.
Yesterday I made Crispy Coconut Cookies for lunchbox treats this week.
I'll get the recipe up this week.
Jay made his breakfast specialty this morning.
He pours a mean bowl!

Started reading a new book - Farmer Jane.
Hoping to get a chance next weekend to read more.

That was our weekend.
How was yours?


Dr Lori said...

Oliver and Emmerson looked so very handsome in their shirts:)

Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks Dr. Lori. And thanks again for wearing them out 2 days in a row!! :)

mountain mama said...

those shirts are too cute!

we packed and organized...sigh. it's raining a little here too, very peaceful.


Cindy said...

Great pics of your weekend - I especially like the little dog shirts!

Glad your chicken is feeling better. Mine have been kind of off for about the past month or so. They've been laying very little, but I can't blame them. It's been so wet and cold this Spring.

Have a good week!

texwisgirl said...

hope your hen continues to do well! her feathers are lovely!

such silly little boys in their t-shirts! :)

Meg said...

Sounds like you were busy! It's been wet here too. "He pours a mean bowl"... LOL!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

The rain has stopped here in northern Virginia (for now) and we had a pretty quiet weekend. Yours sounds enjoyable, and I hope it included some of that delicious chocolate cake you posted on Friday!

It really sounds yummy!! Chocolate cake is one of my very, very favorites!!