Light Shades of {Green} Month 5: Go Meatless One Day A Week

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Going meatless once a week can help reduce your environmental impact.   Consuming less meat can help lighten your carbon footprint because of reduced greenhouse gas emissions as well as fossil fuel and water usage.

Meatless Monday is a well publicized campaign dedicated to this very mission.  It was founded in 2003 to encourage people to make healthier decisions at the beginning of every week.  Healthier, because a reduced intake of saturated fats is found to help reduce chronic preventable conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes.

The challenge, of course, is finding an array of meatless meals your family will eat.  Luckily there are many cookbooks and websites devoted to helping make this an easier transition.

Give it a try!  You just may find you enjoy vegetarian meals as much as those that include meat.

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Tree Hugger said...

Love it!!
Have you read EAT TO LIVE, by Joel Fuhrman, MD?
It's a fairly easy read and will improve your overall health dramatically. Now if I could only kick the love for cheese :-}}

Meg said...

I try to do a meatless meal once a week just for the cheapness of it. Refried beans and rice with tortillas is one of our favorites!

Teresa said...

Vegetarian since 2003!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Treehugger, I have not read that book and I too LOVE cheese. I don't think I could ever give it up. Meg, we too love a simple bean tortilla wrap. Particularly when we have fresh salsa on hand. Yum!

Diane said...

We as a family are also trying to go meatless a couple of times a week. I think this is toughest on my hubby, who feels like meat should be eaten three time a day. lol.

mountain mama said...

yay, i love this even though i do love meat too.

now is just the time to indulge in less meat and more veggies/fruit too!