We went to the farmers market Saturday morning.
I lost my patience waiting for my own strawberries to ripen.
I broke down and bought some.

Worked on the garden shed and in the garden Saturday.
Suffered from an allergy-related headache most of the weekend.

Made cream cheese danish {recipe here}and strawberry rhubarb tart for sweets.
First BLT of the season was enjoyed on Sunday.

Still enjoying the lovely smell of the lilacs around our property.
Lillies, phlox, allium, and echinacea are getting ready to bloom.

Laundry is caught up.
Dogs are squeaky clean.
Chickens will have leftover amish oatmeal for breakfast tomorrow.
They will be very happy.
Still need to cut the grass and weed flower beds.

How was your weekend?


Meg said...

Mmm those BLTs look wonderful. And so do your flowers! Our lilies are just about to bloom and I'm so anxious for them. Sorry about your headache! That's never fun. :(

texwisgirl said...

dreadfully hot. dry. grass is crackling underfoot. spraying mesquite trees in the back pasture. trimming oak tree limbs that have gotten too low. naps in the A/C! :)

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

It was a quiet weekend for us--I took 2 naps on Saturday and finally feel like myself! Strawberries are among my favorites, and I may have to pick my own at the farm down the road since you continue to post good recipes! :-))) ~Enjoy your day!!~

tami said...

Thanks for the reminder! Dogs need baths! Doesn't it feel good to get so much accomplished?

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks Meg. Yes, those headaches are no fun. :(

Texwisgirl, I don't envy your heat and humidity one bit. We have some coming the middle of the week.

Kim, if I had strawberries down the street I'd probably be there every day. It's my favorite fruit!

Tami - you're welcome for the reminder! :) Ours were getting smelly so it was DEFINITELY time.

no spring chicken said...

Cream cheese danish? You're kidding me! Oh yes...

Blessings, Debbie

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Yes Debbie - and they are delicious!